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Why Invest in Flood Preparedness?

Why Invest in Flood Preparedness?

While you may live in an area where flooding is unlikely, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In addition, areas that are prone to flooding are also wise to have flood preparedness plans in place. Flooding can cause catastrophic damages, and many linger effects if you’re not prepared or equipped to handle them. In this week’s blog, your premier flood barrier company, Big Bags USA® is here to shed some insight as to why you should invest in flood preparations.


The Potential Causes of Flooding

Flooding can occur in a variety of ways, rain, snow coastal storms, storm surges, and failures of manmade structures. This means even though you’re not in an area that rains or receives snow, you’re not immune to the risk of flooding.


Flood Damages

Flooding can greatly impact your livelihood if not properly mitigated. Flooding can impact and carry a variety of safety risks such as damaging structures, electrical, carrying sharp debris or contaminants, impact travel, and much more.


Linger Effects

Not properly mitigating floodwaters can have a devastating emotional and economic impact on your life. It will destroy crops and livestock, as well as preventing farming from resuming usual operations for long periods of time. Property damage, which depending on your insurance policy, may not be covered – leading to an exasperation of finances and loss of home. Being prepared can help you reduce the impact and time to recover.


Your Safety

“Turn around, don’t drown,” is a commonly used phrase to remember when you’re facing flooding. It only takes 6 inches of running water to sweep you off your feet and into harm's way. And only two feet of water to take your vehicle off the road. Follow instructions given by public safety officials and obey guidelines. Having an emergency flood kit is also advised to help with survival if you find yourself trapped and awaiting rescue.

As we mentioned above, flooding can happen anywhere, whether it’s from mother nature herself or by failures of a manmade structure such as a dam reservoir. Floodwaters cannot be stopped, only routed and mitigated. One of the best ways to control floodwaters is by having a reliable, rapid deploy flood barrier system. Big Bags USA® is proud to have the fastest deployed barrier on the market. However, we didn’t stop there! Our barrier is also reusable, so your investment will save you valuable time and money over the years. Making it one of the best solutions for the containment and deferment of water. If you’re interested in learning more about how flood barrier system and how we can help with your flood preparedness needs, contact us below!


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