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Flood Barrier Systems & Flood Control Systems - Rapid Deployed

Big Bags USA flood control systems and flood barrier systems provide lightning fast flood protection at a fraction of the cost of regular sand bags. One system is 36” wide, 15’ long, and 40” tall. One five-bag system can be placed and filled by two men in less than 10 minutes. That’s equal to 15 linear feet every ten minutes. No other sandbag deployment method equals the speed of deployment possible with Big Bags USA. Big Bags USA has earned its rank in the Top Ten Flood Barriers list.

Big Bags USA Flood Barrier Uses:

  • Flood Control
  • Stream Diversion
  • Cofferdams
  • Erosion Control (Coastal, Railroads, Soil)
  • Secondary Containment Barrier for Hazardous Spills
  • Mudslide Barriers
  • Flood Barriers
  • Levee Heightening
  • Storm Surge Protection
  • Military Blast Barriers

Our flood barriers carry the highest UV Protection available.

Big Bags USA barriers are rated for over 2,200 hours of direct sunlight. Our sand-filled demonstration systems displayed outside of the factory remain uncompromised after 10 years of exposure to the elements. Indoor shelf life is rated at over 50 years. Try to find another flood control product that stands the test of time as well as Big Bags USA.

Use our flood barrier in pyramid formations to achieve vertical height..

In the gallery to the left you can see our flood barrier systems on a pallet awaiting deployment to protect a factory. Next, the flood barriers are placed in a staging area ready for deployment by an assistant that directs a crane, using our patented spreader bar, to lift the filled flood barriers onto a flatbed. Once load-ed onto a flatbed the 7-10 ton barrier system can be lifted and stacked in a pyramid formation. Pyramid stacking requires an extra row on the bottom for every row you place to achieve vertical height.

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