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What is a Cofferdam?

Big Bags USA® provides an innovative tool for your dewatering and flood mitigation needs. In this week’s blog, we’re going to highlight one particular use of our barrier system, cofferdams. Constructing a cofferdam has never been easier and more efficient than with Big Bags USA®. Continue reading to learn more about how we can help!


What is a Cofferdam?

A cofferdam is a temporary enclosure built within a body of water that allows the enclosed area to be pumped out. Clearing water to allow the area to dry so that a working environment may be established safely for excavation, repairs, pouring concrete, etc.

Reasons to Use a Cofferdam

Cofferdams are an essential tool for any construction project that requires dewatering. Keeping your job site dry with a cofferdam provides is imperative to the safety of your workers and project alike. Plus, with the easy cleanup of Big Bags USA® barrier system, it’s environmentally friendly with no residual aftereffects. Some examples of projects that require cofferdams; boat ramp construction/repair, pipeline construction, concrete repair, pier construction, shoreline restoration, and more.

How Big Bags Barrier Systems Make Your Coffer Dams More Efficient

Cofferdams made with Big Bags USA flood barrier are an easy and cost-effective alternative to metal sheet pilings that require expensive equipment to deploy. Each barrier system includes:

·      Our 50 lbs. (22.25 km) light weight accordion design

·      Five 27 cu. ft. (35.28 cu. m.) high strength polypropylene Big Bags

·      The patented U-frame design allows the systems to open and remain standing, in place, for filling. Any number of systems can be connected together

·      Tightly woven utility loops for easy lifting and deployment

·      Optional closed top Big Bags USA systems for submerging underwater. Often used for cofferdams

·      The highest in Ultra-Violet protection available

·     50-year shelf life

In situations when Big Bags USA flood barriers will receive over-topping or will be submerged, a closed top system is recommended. Close top flood barrier systems offer all the capabilities and dimensions as our open top systems, while providing the extra protection of enveloping fill material within the Big Bags USA flood barrier system.  The feature of the closed top systems prevents erosion and failure of your flood barrier system and protects against possible sedimentation introduction into the environment.


As you can see, dewatering with a cofferdam has been made more effective and cost-efficient than ever with the Big Bags barrier system. We’ve helped with dewatering projects all across the country and are ready to help you reap the benefits of the Big Bags barrier system for your cofferdam and other dewatering projects. If you’re interested in trying out the Big Bags barrier system, contact us below to get started!


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